Keeping it Basic: Wine Vocabulary


It’s easy to get a bit tongue-tied when learning the language of wine among your peers, but we are here to simplify it. At Wine Mine in Telluride, Colorado, we make every effort we can to not only educate our customers, but to also make them feel as comfortable as possible. Part of that process is familiarizing our customers with some common wine vocabulary. Pour a glass and let’s dive in!

Texture- the specific feeling of the wine on your tongue and in your mouth. Is it smooth? Does it feel light or thick?

Sommelier- a fancy word for someone who is considered to be a wine professional.

Length- the amount of time that the flavors linger in your mouth after swallowing.

Hot- this means that the wine is high in alcohol content.

Blend- a wine made from more than one grape variety.

Breathing- the act of exposing the wine to oxygen to help improve its flavors (aka: opening the bottle).

Brut- dry champagne or sparkling wine.

Full bodied- a wine that is high in alcohol and flavor, sometimes also described as “big”

Closed- this term is used to describe a young, underdeveloped wine that typically isn’t showcasing its flavors well.