Yes, we really do have a mine where we store wine.  The mine is one of a kind wine storage housed deep in the bedrock of Telluride.

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After a three year search, we found a mine close to town that allows us to offer you short or long term wine storage in a climate controlled environment, complements of Mother Nature.  By reusing a mine that’s been dormant for about twenty years, we’ve kept our carbon footprint small and recycled the facility into an ideal location that replicates the conditions found in some of the best subterranean wine cellars in Europe.  Contact us about short or long term wine storage.

We also offer a ‘Ship & Hold’ service.

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Ship your wine ahead of time and we will hold it for you in our temperature controlled mine.  Upon arrival, you may either pick it up or we can deliver it to you.

If you are shipping wine, we recommend you allow 30-60 days for your wine to settle and acclimate.  Just like you, wine can feel a bit grumpy after a jostling journey.

Shipping ahead of time allows the wine to rest so it is refreshed and ready to deliver its finest performance.