We Specialize in unique, small production wines of impeccable quality and value. We have developed a reputation for carrying wines that deliver a high "Bang for the Buck" ratio. Of course, we carry a wide range of beer and spirits as well.

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As an introduction, my name is Steven Craig, founder and owner of Wine Mine.  The brick & mortar store in Telluride has been in business for over 20 years. As always, while we sell products, our cornerstone is service.  We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the products we sell and constantly strive to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied.

We specialize in unique, small production wines of impeccable quality and value.  We have developed a reputation for carrying wines that deliver a high “Bang for the Buck” ratio.  We look for value in wine, meaning we prefer wines that drink substantially above their peers at the same price point.  We screen every wine before it hits our shelves.  For every 30-50 wines we sample, 1 makes it past our screening process.

Many of the wines we carry have been made using organic, biodynamic or sustainable growing practices. We do our homework and are aware of which wines comply with these standards, even though most will not mention it on the label. Many of the wines in our portfolio will not have a rating. That is because the big rating guys only rate wines over a certain production level and many of our wines fall under that threshold.

Over the years of helping hundreds, maybe thousands, of customers select just the right wine, I’ve noticed that I possess an ability to ‘dial in’ to his or her palate.  Meaning, I’ve had great success in guiding our customers toward new wines that suit his/her palate, pocket book and menu.  I can’t describe the satisfaction I feel when a customer calls to say that I ‘nailed it.’  It is very rewarding.  I hope that I, and my staff, can do the same for you.

If, at any time you are displeased with the level of service or quality of the product you receive, please call me directly at the number at the bottom of the page and I will personally work with you to remedy any problem.

Our newest and most unique offering is our actual “wine mine.”  I’m really excited about this because it’s FUN!  We identified an old abandoned mine close to our store, sealed it off, secured it, and now offer it for short or long term wine storage.  [a bit of trivia: mines & caves through out the world average 55 degrees once you get far enough into the earth]  So, with Mother Nature providing the perfect cellaring temperature, we now can provide an environmentally conscious method of wine storage.  We are truly reusing & recycling.   Call the store for details.

Telluride, Colorado

Located in the southwest corner of Colorado, Telluride sits at an elevation of 8,750 feet above sea level.  Yes, the air is thin up here, but the beauty is unsurpassed.  A former mining town dating back to the mid 1800s, our quaint little village of only 2,200 year round residents has evolved into a world-class ski resort in the winter and Colorado's #1 festival destination in the summer.  While small in population, our clout as a world class destination makes us a desirable location for many hard to find products.  Our inventory is filled with select and highly sought labels rarely seen in other stores.

Our Staff

Steven Craig – Owner, Sommelier

Steven’s life-long interest in wine dates to his college days. As a college student in Salzburg, Austria, he leveraged that proximity to broaden his knowledge of European wines.  Upon return to his native California, Steven expanded his scope with frequent and often lengthy trips into California’s burgeoning wine country.  For three seasons he worked at a winery deepening his insight into the industry.  He strives to de-mystify wine, remove its pretension and make it an approachable, comfortable topic for everyone.  While never describing it as a passion, it’s hard not to notice how animated he becomes while discussing wine.  When not working, you’ll find him on some athletic pursuit outdoors.

Jacqueline Boan – General Manager, Marketing & Advertising

Jackie keeps the store running smoothly and coaches our staff, refining their customer service skills. Her tenacious work ethic drives her to take off just two weekends per year, Spring and Fall. When the off-season hits she jets out of town for a month or two to some wonderful, warm, tropical destination, like Belize, Hawaii, or most recently Southeast Asia. She also is one of the most amazing innate chefs around. Jackie can whip up a dish that rivals any chef in town…at will. We LOVE her left-overs!

Bill ‘Liam’ Melody – Customer service, Inventory & IT

Bill recently joined our staff as an escape from 16 years in the tech world running a world-wide network & IT department. A modest collector of wine, he has already demonstrated an educated, refined and versatile palate. His goal this season is 100 days of snowboarding on the mountain.

Lisa Taraschi – Customer Service, Premium Product Specialist

In the last year and a half, Lisa has taken three trips to Italy for an aggregate of nearly five months immersing herself in the food, wine and culture of Bella Italia.   Oh, AND she manages to run six miles nearly every day.

I look forward to hearing from you or better yet, meeting you in person!

- Steven Craig, Owner, Sommelier