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Telluride CO 81435

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Didn't you used to be "Pac Street?"

Yes.  Although our name has evolved to Wine Mine @ Pacific Street Liquors we’re still “Pac Street” and will always be Pac Street to you, and to us.  Pac Street is an icon in the town, especially on the west side.

However, we’re located on Davis, not Pacific.  It’s Pacific Avenue, not Pacific Street.  And, we really do store wine in a mine.  Also, Wine Mine is easier to remember, type, say and find on the web.

While we wanted a name that identified with Telluride’s historic nature, we purposefully kept “at Pacific Street Liquors” to maintain continuity for you, our loyal locals.  In the same way Clark’s is still Rose’s to some, we’ll always be Pac Street.  We’re proud of that.  In fact, internally, we still refer to the store as Pac Street!

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