Straight from the Vine: Environmental Factors Influencing your Wine


As you are tipping your wine glass to enjoy that very first sip, what you may not know is the number of factors that influenced the unique tasting profile of that one particular wine. As the grapes grow eagerly on the vine, they are influenced daily by a number of environmental and exterior factors. Additionally, the flavor of the wine continues to evolve long after the grapes are harvested and processed. But let’s focus for a minute on a few of the main factors that influence the grapes as they live out their life on the vine. 


Climate- In general, grapevines thrive easily in moderate climates, which allows the fruit to reach full maturation and attain balanced levels of acids and sugars. So what exactly is considered a moderate climate? Well pretty much anywhere opposite of Telluride, Colorado! A moderate climate has temperatures that aren’t too high, and don’t drop too low either. Typically these climates produce nominal rainfall, and they are not prone to extreme droughts.


Soil- The soil that the grapes are growing in has a lot to do with how the grapes will mature as well. It is highly beneficial for the soil to be free draining and able to regulate the water supply to the roots of the vines equally.


Location- Have you ever wondered why most wine vineyards seem to be on sloped land? It turns out, there is a method to this madness. A sloped terrain aids in proper drainage for the vines, and having the slopes pointed towards the south increases sunlight absorption and helps prevent exposure to frost.

Here at Wine Mine in Telluride, Colorado, we love exploring the unique flavor that each wine has to offer and we hope that you do too!