How to Use Edible Flowers in Cocktails

Spring is in the air, and what better way to welcome the change in seasons than with a cocktail using fresh flowers? Here are four ways that you can introduce edible flowers into your cocktails.


Tincture goes a long way

Tincture is an excellent way to have many unique herbal and floral flavors without worrying about space or perishables.

Tinctures are also a great option for controlling the flavor of your cocktail. For a subtle floral note, simply use a couple of drops of tincture in your cocktail. If you want a stronger flavor, add additional tincture until you’ve found the right balance.

You can learn how to make your own herbal/floral tinctures here.



While fermenting florals might seem like a daunting task, the process is much more simple than fermenting beer or wine. Fermentation helps to preserve the aroma of edible flowers while adding a unique flavor and mouthfeel to a cocktail.

You can learn how to ferment flowers and herbs here.


Make a simple syrup

Simple syrup adds a touch of sweetness to any cocktail. Many cocktails, including sours, mojitos and juleps, are popular drinks that call for simple syrup. Pair it with floral notes, and you’ll be sure to wow guests with your “signature” cocktail.

You can learn how to make simple syrup here.


A delightful garnish

Don’t forget the simplicity and elegance of adding flowers to your cocktail as a visual element. Just make sure that the flowers you are using are, in fact, edible.

Here is a list of edible flowers and their flavor properties.

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